A full risk assessment is carried out on any training venue we use and is available along with all our policies procedure, copies of insurance and certificates in the dog training folder which is available for you during every training session.

A full registration form must be completed prior to any dog coming to training and proof of vaccination records must be provided.

Check chains, spray or electric collars will not be permitted in any training sessions

We only use force free training methods and any harsh handling will not be permitted during the training session. If such handling is observed the training session will be concluded and no refund will be given.

All dogs must wear a dog tag at all times in class or during a 1-2-1 with the following information on.

Your name, your house number/name, postcode and a contact telephone number. Tags can be borrowed with the dog training information on and Cathy’s contact details but must be signed in and out at beginning and end of class.

Please ensure that you arrive in good time as the classes will start on time.

If during class you or your dog suffer and injury the trainer must be made aware and the accident book must be filled in before you go home. There are 2 first aid kits available, one in the training kit bag and one in the car.

We have a full complaints procedure. Details of which are provided in your welcome pack.

Adverse weather conditions may lead to any outdoor classes being cancelled with short notice. Classes will be rescheduled if possible. During hot weather water and shade will be provided and exercises will be appropriate for those weather conditions. All handlers are responsible for ensuring their dogs are comfortable at all times and any concerns MUST be bought to the trainers attention immediately.